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mechanical screen

water treament

aeration system

Agricultural Sewage Treatment

All-in-one Sewage treatment plants

Anchor agitator


Automatic brush-scraper filter

Automatic Chain type sludge scraper

Automatic dosing system

Automatic filter

Automatic in-feeding plate mesh screen

Automatic Intelligent

Automatic mechanical bar screen

Automatic mechanical rake screen

Automatic mechanical step screen

Automatic Mechnical screens for waste water treatment

Automatic micro drum filter

Automatic out-feeding rotary drum screen

Automatic polymer preparation and dosing system

Automatic rotary drum filter

Automatic scanned self cleaning filter

Automatic scraper filter

Automatic self cleanigng backwash filter

Automatic self cleanigng suction filter

Automatic self cleaning brush filter

Belt conveyor

Belt Filter Press

Belt filter press sludge thickener

Belt Filter Systems for Sludge Dewatering

Chemical Sewage Treatment

Chlorine Dioxie generator

DAF air flotation

DAF Air flotation with Lamella and scraper all in one system

DAF dissolved Air Floatation for waste water treatment plant

deep-water aeration mixer

Disc Aerator systems

Dosing system

drum screw screen trash remover

Efficient Sludge Depth Dewatering Machine

Effluent Treatment Plant

Electroplating Wastewater Treatment

Eletric Aerator

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Protection

FH Type Mechanic Screen

Food Industry Sewage Treatment

for waste water treatment

for Wasted Water Treatment

Frame agitator

Fully Automatic

Grab grid cleaner

Gravity valveless filter

grille machine

High density circulating water micro filter aquaculture filter

high-efficiency sedimentation

Hyperboloid agitator

Impeller mixer

Industrial Sewage Treatment

Industrial Water

Inlet flow meter

Inner feeding Water Drum Filter

Integrated magnetic coagulation equipment

Internal Influent Microfilter (Rotary Microfilter)

Inverted umbrella agitator

Johnson point spread sewage treatment plant system

Lamella settling tanks with scraper


Magnetic mixed sludge pump

Magnetic particle loading reaction tank

Medical Equipment

micro filter for aqualcuture

Model M8 Intelligent Integrated Oil Water Separation Equipment


Ozone Disinfectioner

PAC Coagulation reaction tank

peripheral-drive sludge scraper

Pheumatic Candle filter

Powdered Activated Carbon Dosing System

Precision Filter

Production Line

PTB type polymer dosing system

QJG submersible mixer

QXS Type Desand Travelling Bridge

Ribbon agitator

Rotary drum precision filter

Rotating Blade Sand Removal unit

Sand Water Conveyor

Sand Water Separator

scraper with central drive

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